Zahra, 32

Ironman 70.3 Cairns – 2017

Suffering from asthma when she was small, Zahra was never an athlete, or to be accurate, she’d never felt like one. Swimming in a pool was already a nightmare, let alone in the sea; Riding on a biking lane is the max she could do. Handling a road bike alongside with the fast and furious? Probably not. An Ironman race? Completely out of league.

Joining Kim’s (founder of MiU) bootcamp is one major turning point. With all the positive people and vibes going on in the group, she was encouraged to step up and train for her first Ironman 70.3 race. Guess what, She was still scared, she still struggled a lot in the sea and on the road. Yet she realized as soon as she started, the process of overcoming that self created fear and inferiority got so much easier than it was in her head. All she needed was the unbreakable willpower and dedication driving her all the way to achieving her goals.

How Zahra was born didn’t define her. And as she said about signing up for the race, “If not now, then when?” She is right now planning her way to unlock another achievement – full Ironman. NOW is the only time for you. Who’s in with Zahra to break some boundaries?