Carmen has firstly started her fitness career as an aerobic and dance instructor as she is a dance enthusiast and enjoys all kind of high energy exercises. With Carmen’s wider fitness exposure, she has made a profound shift to mind body training. She is teaching Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Pilates mat work and reformer classes in various fitness studio. Moreover, in these few years, Carmen also engages to the Anusara Yoga the organic movement and Stott Pilates for rehabilitation purposes. She gained various certifications on this area from Hong Kong and the States.

Her training in Neurokinetic therapy n Stretch to Win® Fascial Stretch Therapy enables her to integrate body muscle movements and correct posture to help athletes improve their mobility and flexibility in order to prevent injuries as much as possible.

With Carmen’s in-depth diversity on fitness and injury prevention background, her teaching and consultation will help everyone in her class to find their strong techniques, healthy and graceful spirit, and to celebrate the diversity in life.