Philip, 52

Most memorable race

First bike race ever – 2002 Tuen Mun, Lung Kwu Tan ITT – 1st runner up , 30-39 age group
First oversea bike race. 2012 Wuling Cup, Taiwan – 3rd runner up, age group
First win in Bride’s Pool Road. 2013 Hong Kong National Championship
Age group 40-49 – Champion, Bride’s Pool Road 60k road race (He worked for years to get this!)
Taiwan KOM 2017 age group – 1st runner up

You definitely could not relate the Philip 17 years ago, who used to be overweighted and unhealthy, to this one in the photo. Years of hard work didn’t only transform him into a professional cycling and triathlon coach, he is also a great racer who never settles for less.

He started by joining a local triathlon race, which eventually led him to uncover his passion and talents in cycling. He does not only train hard, he trains hard to compete. Back-to-back races, killer training schedule over the years, some think he is crazy. In fact he is just madly in love – in love with racing, in love beating his opponents and getting on the stage, and most importantly, in love with beating who he was yesterday.

Keep racing. There’s no finish line. Who’s in with Philip?

P.S. Do not freak out when you see someone riding (and panting) on a wattbike in MiU like there’s no tomorrow. That’s just Philip training hard. Go say hi and cheer for him!