High Performance Coaching

First Ride

Designed for beginners. Participants will be able to get a taste of riding real terrains via the smart trainers at our studio – the perfect first step for your epic journey of conquering the Alps!


Using real bikes on smart trainers, this class will give you a close-to-real-life experience, just as awesome as riding on real roads.
Via instant data on the big screen you will be able to monitor your efforts throughout the class, and maximize the effectiveness of the training with instructions from your coach. Workout report of the session with all the essential data will be sent through email after class, so you will be able to keep track of your progress through the period training at MiU!

Long Ride

The 90-minute course-based simulation workout will take you through some of the regular routes ridden by our instructors around Hong Kong. There might even be a surprise overseas route from time to time. Stay tuned for more updates!

Spin N Core

Work on your core muscles after an exhausting 25 mins of high intensity spinning program with our instructor – the perfect way to mix it up for a 1-hour workout.

Train for Run

A special program training for the hiking, trail / ultra running, mountain climbing etc….