Merv, 40

Ironman 140.6 Cairns – 2017
Ironman 70.3 Cebu – 2017
Ironman 70.3 Phuket – 2016
Ironman 70.3 Danang – 2016

2 years ago he was just a spectator in Ironman Kenting, witnessing the inspiring moment of his friends finishing a Full Ironman, something he’d never thought he could achieve. His friends even put a damper on him when he signed up for a local race in Olympic distance. Yet, 2 years later, he finished his first ever Full Ironman in Cairns, within 12 hours, impressive result for an amateur.

While everyone was envious of his performance, let’s face it, we ALL know how to do it. We are simply not as devoted as he is to the training journey. What he’d been putting himself through for the past year is not exactly for everyone. It was training every single day, 15 hours in total a week; It was seemingly crazy boring diet for weight control and muscle enhancement, no happy hour drinks or fancy weekend dinners; It was a constant mind battle, between the aspiration of smashing 140.6 miles beautifully, and the frustration of repeating the same routine everyday for a year.

His ultimate goal is to participate in World Championship. It might seem so far if he said that two years ago, but now with that dedication? So close.

This is what he always says, “Nothing could get in my way.” Yes. Nothing could get in your way if you want it bad enough and commit yourself to it.  Who’s in with Merv?